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Cheating in poker as increased in popularity as fast as, if not faster then the popularity of the actual game itself. Even online poker has methods to cheat the game, or with a partner. Although the stats are showing it is safer and less likely to be cheated in an online poker game then in a real hand at the casino. Though there are still a few methods to watch out for. These methods are used mostly by people who consider poker as their source of income, although a few hobby players do it as well, they just don't have the time invested into it as a full time player does.

Collusion is the most popular form of cheating online, people play while talking on the phone, or texting each other. With technology now it is possible to play on your cell phone, sitting at a friend's house, while they play on their computer. This gives two distinct and separate ISP addresses. However even with all that, online poker sites do keep track of every hand you ever won, or lost. They also track who is sitting at whose table when these hands are played. They notice if you fold when you have a good hand. (Somehow you got information that someone had a better hand)

While in a casino, they have excellent measures to spot a cheater, and they will notice if you walk in together and leave together. A smart couple players who use collusion as their method of cheating are very hard to spot. Simply one player arranges their chips in such a way as to signal the other player that they have a winning or losing hand. With some practice this method can be quite effective. When you sit down at a casino, you are on your own. You are sitting amongst hundreds of players who want to get your money. Some are honest and some just aren't. At least online the computer is there to protect you as well.

The real cheating method to watch out for online is players creating multiple accounts. There have been some well known poker players playing under aliases for obvious reasons. It is common for someone who is quite good at the game, to up their odds of winning by playing against themselves, or by having more then one name playing at the same time. This takes a bit of skill to pull off, because online rooms still track playing styles. A cheater using this method would have to be very aware of each profile, and give each their own distinct personality in the game. This is hard, because a player who is good, has developed a strategy of their own, that they will always fall back on. With online tracking, this method does get caught eventually.

Doing some research I've concluded what a lot of people are saying. Playing poker becomes a lot less fun when you play it as your job instead of your hobby. The hours you need to spend studying various methods of cheating, studying, practicing and perfecting it, ruins the game. I suppose after winning thousands of dollars, it could be seen as worth it. But when you hear "I won five thousand dollars in just four hours cheating at poker," ask that person how many hours they spent learning how to play, and then how many hours did they practice. The hundreds of hours spent, makes that five thousand dollars equivalent to a high paying honest job with no cheating involved.

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